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How To Pluck Eyebrows


Learn how to pluck eyebrows like a pro from the comfort of your home with nothing more than your hands, a good pair of tweezers and a little time.

The best tweezers to use for plucking eyebrows is one with an angled tip.

If you have very fine hairs that are hard to grip you should also have one with a narrow tip that can really hone in on the microscopic hairs.

How To Tweeze Eyebrows Step By Step

Before you start you should already known the best shape for your eyebrow. The best time to pluck eyebrows is after a hot bath since your pores will be wide open.

Make sure you have enough light to see every hair and exactly what you're doing and you don't end up taking out a hair you didn't want to. A magnifying mirror is great for being able to zone in on every little hair.

Simple Tips For Eyebrow Plucking

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