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Physical Activity And Weave Hairstyles

Q: My daughter plays top level and soccer and trains at least 4 times per week.

She is growing tired of braids and going into high school and would like to wear a weave.

Is the upkeep too difficult for one that sweats a lot during training and will she be uncomfortable with the itching as well?

A: I would say that the big difference between braids and weave is that with braids it's much easier to get to the scalp and wash the hair more frequently.

If your daughter has a tendency to sweat a lot on her head it might become a problem and even embarrassing if her scalp starts to smell from not being able to wash a lot like you can with braids.

Every time you wash weaved hair the tracks slip and the hair looks that much less attractive. Not to mention weave in general involves much more upkeep and everyday styling than braids.

I would try and encourage your daughter to try different types of braids or for a real change something simple like ponytails.

She can put her hair up in one and put a ponytail extension over the bun. That way she'll be able to have a different hairstyle and also be able to take it down and wash her hair as often as she needs to.

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