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Perm For A 12 Year Old With Fine Hair?

by Ted
(Atlanta, GA)

Q: I have been wanting to perm my daughter's hair but I don't know what is the best type for her hair. She has fine hair and her ends are very frizzy.

In 2007, I tried an organic perm and her hair appeared to break off. I decided to let the perm grow out and continue to trim her ends and kept her hair braided.

Could the braids be the reason her hair has become uneven and thin? What can I do regarding her ends--I've tried hot combs and flat iron, neither seem to be working (before and after the perm).

A: Hi Ted. Based on the fact her hair is fine it seems like she's need a mild or medium strength formula. BUT the best way for you to know what relaxer would work for your daughter is to take her to a reputable salon. Have someone do an analysis of her hair to see what strength and brand relaxer would work best.

Keeping her hair trimmed and braided are good things to do for her but I think your focus need to also be on keeping her hair conditioned and moisturized. If these two things have been neglected that's probably why her hair has been weak and breaking off.

As for the hot combs and flat irons, those do much more harm than good on hair that isn't properly conditioned. In fact unless you absolutely have to use them, the hot tools are a bad idea.

Please check out this page for tips on how to care for her hair and bring it back to health.

How To Keep Hair Healthy

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