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Perm Before A Wash And Wrap?

by Sara Adaut

Q: It's been about two months since I have got a relaxer and I have about and inch and a half of new growth.

I recently had a bad hair straightening experience which left my hair damaged and split and its been falling out ridiculously for the last week.

I made an appointment at my salon to get a wash, wrap and a trim. I'm due for a perm but I don't want to put to much stress on my hair.

I'm wondering if the wrap will look better with a perm. I don't want to pay money for a wrap if my roots will still be fuzzy and it wont lay.

What do you think I should do?

You can get the relaxer IF your hair has been properly treated before hand.

Keeping your hair two textures with that much growth might actually do more damage than anything.

Your stylist needs to make sure that they put some kind of treatment over the already straightened parts of your hair and stick to only the roots of your hair to avoid over processing.

After that, you need to get an INTENSIVE protein treatment, followed by an equally intensive moisturizing treatment.

If you do these things and follow up with a good leave in conditioner, a wrap or roller wrap your hair will be in much better shape.

Be sure to keep up with regular deep moisturizing treatments (at least one a week) at home and do a protein treatment once ever 2-3 weeks until your hair shows no more signs of damage.

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