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Organic Root Stiumlator Hair Serum

by Renee
(Toronto, Canada)

The organic root stimulator serum thing actually works! No joke, I've used it for 4 1/2 months and it really works! It's aimed at people who are thinning but I used it all over my head and on my temples because they were a little thin and the results are amazing!

My temples completely grew back in and I believe it helped to maintain the hair all over my head.

It's a serum and comes with a dropper, they said to use one full dropper on balding areas but I did about half on my temples.

For people with alopecia like my sister, I told her to start using it in November and her bald spots have significantly reduced in size!

They also recommend using a scalp cleanser and other stuff to help speed up the process but we just used the serum.

Great investment, costs about $12 (I'm in Canada so I'm not sure how much it is over there, probably around the same price)

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I'd love to try that. I guess I've always had fragile hair and even in forth grade I suffered from thinning and balding temples. Plus, its hereditary on both sides. Four years later and my sides are better, but still thin. Thanks for the post!

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