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Need Help With My Babies Hair

by Amy
(Riverside, CA)

Q: My daughter is from Ethiopia and I am of Spanish decent.

I'm having a difficult time finding a beauty supply store specifically for African women.

She is one year old and I have been using a cream specifically for infants on her hair.

Happily her hairs is growing like crazy and this infant cream is no longer doing it.

I wash and condition her hair only once per week and condition it every day (sometimes twice a day) but I know I need to use something else.

Again she is only 1 years old so I want to use something on her that is gentle. I would love to take her to a beauty supply store in my area to have her hair looked at but every beauty supply store I go to only has white workers.

NO offense but I want someone to give me advice for my daughters hair that has direct experience with her beautiful type of hair.

Any advice would be oh so appreciated. I am in the southern CA area.

A: Thank you so much for writing and I must say you have a gorgeous little baby girl there. God bless you for adopting such a sweet child.

I can understand your need to find information that focuses on the needs of this beautiful child's hair.

Baby's are a very delicate in every way, including their hair.

There are several lines of hair care products that are designed just for children of African background (that or bi-racial).

I'm going to suggest that you look in your phone directory or online for a salon or beauty supply store that specializes in black hair care and have a look at what is available. You can also check online. Look for a line of products called "Baby Love" as an example of one set. If you can find a salon that caters to kids you could take your daughter in for a consultation.

Her hair won't need much though and you are doing a very good job already of keeping it washed and moisturized.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your precious one.

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