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Need Help For Dark Spots And Acne

by Techella
(San Antonio TX)

Q: I'm 29 years old with two children and before I had my second son I had good skin. After his birth my face slowly started to break out.

I would pop them by myself and now I have many black spots all over my face and I don't know what to do. I've tried proactiv and Dr Murads acne treatment but no good results.

I also work full time so I have to wear makeup to cover up the blemishes so my skin doesn't get to breath much.

If you can, please help me with some good skin products and makeup products to help out my situation.

Thank you

A: Hi Techella. I'm so sorry to hear about your skin issues after the birth of your second son. Hormone changes in the body can cause havoc on our skin and other things.

I have to tell you though that picking at blemishes only makes them worse, especially if you have dark skin since as you found out the hard way, it leaves marks.

The over the counter acne kits work well for some people, but I believe if you have sensitive skin they might not be the best option and might actually make things worse.

I recommend that you try a natural approach to clearing your skin by focusing on a healthy diet filled with fruits, vegetables and lots of water drinking.

Follow that up with some natural skin care in the form of either the oil cleansing method
oil cleansing method, or using a favourite skin toning combination of mine which is African Black Soap and organic Shea butter.

The Oil Cleansing Method is good for oily skin types and the black soap/Shea butter method is good for normal and dry skin types (oily as well if it's not too bad).

Whichever you choose, perform your cleansing routine twice a day morning and night and in a month or two you will see a difference.

As for covering up the scars that are already there, I strongly recommend you look into mineral makeup. It's pure and made of all natural ingredients, it covers very well without clogging pores, looking mask-like or feeling heavy and it looks absolutely beautiful.

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