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Natural Hair Styles For The Mature Gray-haired Woman

by Katie
(Corpus Christi, Tx)

Q: Where do I find a gallery of styles that I might be comfortable with and not look like a "old teen"?

My hair has not been permed for two years and I have worn a weave but would like to see something more mature. I am natural, I have not permed for 2 year and I'm 60+.


A: Hi Katie. Thanks for visiting the site. I feel so bad right now.

I know that I don't have too much in the style gallery at the moment to offer a sophisticated lady such as your self, and I do apologize. I definitely don't want you or anyone else to feel left out.

In the very near future I will be adding many more categories to the style gallery to include styles that I think you will like very much.

I'll be announcing the updates on the Black Women Beauty Central online community.

If you haven't already please join and you'll know as soon as the updates happen.

Thanks again for your question.

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