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Natural Hair Falling Out?

by DaMarra

Q: I have natural hair and I don't put any relaxers or anything like that in it. I do however press my hair out every 2 weeks or so.

Recently my hair has started to shed A LOT and It's scaring me because I think it may be falling out.

What should I do?

A: I can guarantee that your shedding is because of how frequently you're pressing your hair.

Pressing is something that should really be reserved for special occasions and not done on a regular basis.

If you do it often it's probably worse for your hair than having a relaxer since it doesn't get worn down as much.

I suggest that you not press your hair but for once every 4-6 weeks and that you do a protein and moisture treatment after each time you do.

If you find that you want to wear your hair straight more often but still don't want to get a relaxer, how about trying a full head weave or one of the lace wigs that are so popular these days?

Either of these options would be better for you that constant pressing.

For now though you need to focus on getting your hair healthy and strong again and letting the pressing comb (or flat iron) rest!

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