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Healthy Natural Black Hair

Having healthy natural black hair is the ultimate goal if you're thinking about going natural or been natural for years.

Have you noticed that more Black and African American women than ever are ditching chemicals and hair extensions?

Even top executives and professionals are embracing natural hair. That's something lots of people never thought they'd see.

If you're thinking of going natural or looking for ways to improve your natural hair's health, there are a few things you should know:

How to Take Care of Natural Hair


Wondering what's good for natural hair?

If you're like me you got your first relaxer as a child and now, as an adult, don't remember what your natural hair is like.

It's hard when you're faced with what Mother Nature gave you and you don't know what to do with it.

Here are the top must know tips for natural hair.

Taking care of natural black hair isn't rocket science. Once you figure out what your hair likes in terms of products and styling you're on easy street.

Products for Natural Hair

What products are good for natural black hair? One of the greatest things about being a natural head is that hair care gets much simpler and less is more.

Most good products for natural hair tend to be made with natural ingredients. Look for shampoos and conditioners made without artificial coloring, alcohols, sulfates, petroleum or mineral oils.


Natural and Organic Hair Care Lines

These are the top natural black hair care product lines and a great place to start your research and experimenting. I recommend reading as many reviews as you can to see what other women are saying before you buy.

Using Other Products for Natural Hair

Sometimes you stumble on a product that's not 100% natural but you get great results using it. If there's a product that's working for you even if it has no-no ingredients, it's fine to keep using it as long as it's not damaging your hair over time.

I try to stick with natural products but there's one thing I just can't let go of. Using curl activator for natural hair really helps to soften and hydrate it with a combination of water and glycerin. I've used it for years on my relaxed, braided, locked and now natural hair.

Tip for Washing Natural Hair

An important part of having healthy natural black hair is washing, conditioning and drying it properly.

When you're washing your hair the best thing to do is separate it into smaller manageable sections and work through each one instead of trying to tackle the whole thing at once. That's only going to leave you with a head full of tangles.

Other than that tip, following the general steps on washing black hair gives the best results.

Tips for Transitioning To Natural Hair

Thinking about transitioning from relaxed to natural hair? I was in your shoes a few years ago.

Is one of your biggest fears handling two textures as your hair grows out? Don't worry; there are lots of options, one of which will work for you.

Tips for Transitioning Hair

The fastest, easiest (and most traumatizing) way is to whack all your relaxed hair off with a 'big chop'. That's what I did and it's definitely not for the faint of heart.

If doing the big chop is a little bit too dramatic for you, here are some of the best ways to transition to natural hair. These styles keep the awkward two textures phase under control.


Don't be afraid to make the change to natural black hair. After you transition completely your hair will be beautiful, manageable and healthy and you'll know for sure it was worth it.

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

There are lots of hairstyle ideas for natural hair you that can play with.

You can even try combining elements of different styles to make your natural black hair even more unique and attractive.

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