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Motions CPR Treatment

by Glendyrr
(Knysna,South Africa)

The results!

The results!

Last week my hairdresser used Motions CPR Treatment on my hair with amazing results. My hair was soft and manageable,with a beautiful sheen,I can even skip a relaxer!!

I took the trouble to write this review as I am a product snob (I usually uses Redken or Kerastase treatment products).But after using this MOTIONS Treatment,which is very affordable as well I'm "converted"!

Comments for Motions CPR Treatment

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Camille's Comment
by: Camille G.

Your hair looks amazing!

I used to use CPR a lot back in the day and the only thing I didn't like about it was trying to wash out the little herbal pieces out of my hair. Other than that is was awesome and really gives strength and conditioning to the hair.

I'm glad you talked about how good some cheaper brands can be because a lot of women are convinced that higher priced always means better and it's certainly NOT so!

Thanks again for sharing! :)

Motions Products Are Great!
by: Anonymous

I started using the CPR treatment shampoo followed by the CPR treatment conditioner followed by the CPR anti-breakage hair lotion about seven months ago. I began using it after my aunt recommended it. It's a great product and it helps the going natural process A LOT!

I haven't had a relaxer in seven months, and you would never be able to tell after my hair has been styled! I love the products, and I refuse to experiment with/use any other products!

Good CPR Treatment

I used CPR years back and I was satisfied with it. I can't find it anymore in the shops here in Italy. My hair has started breaking again. Where can I get CPR urgently?

Camille's Comments:

I recommend you try to get the CPR. They will ship it right to your door and they always have it in stock.

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