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Mizani Hair Products Review

The line of Mizani hair products offers some of the best available for healthy relaxed hair. The products are specially formulated to improve the condition of black and ethnic hair types.

Here are some of the things I notice about products in the line.

Mizani Moisturizing Hair Care Kit

The Mizani moisturizing hair care kit has three products.

Mizani Fulfyl Conditioning Treatment

This Mizani hair product is a combination protein and moisturizing conditioner. It works well but I prefer to do my protein and moisturizing treatments separately.

Mizani Botanifying Conditioning Shampoo

My hair tends to be on the dry side and I find that this shampoo isn't rich enough for me. If you have a normal or oily hair type it would work well for you.

Mizani Hydrafuse Intensive Moisturizing Treatment

This product is actually my second favorite conditioner behind Keracare Humecto Conditioner.

Mizani Protein Treatment

Mizani Kerafuse Intensive Protein Treatment

It works well, but be sure not to overuse it and always follow up with a moisturizing treatment.

Mizani Night Time Treatment

H2O Intense Strengthening Night Time Treatment


I really like the Mizani H2O Intense Night Time Treatment because it does exactly what it promises.

If you have fine hair I think this product will work well for you because it's very light. Those with thicker, coarse hair should go with something heavier for best results.

Overall I really enjoy these products; even the relaxer. If your hair is fine textured and loves protein they'll work wonders for you.

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