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Micro Braids And Chlorine

Q: Can you swim daily with micro braids in a chlorine pool?

A: Of course you can. The braids will have a tendency to become looser after you swim but you can still do it. If you can find a loose fitting cap to wear over your braids I'd recommend that when no cute guy you might have your eye on is checking you out.

Also, it's really important to take care of your hair underneath the braids because the chlorine can dry in your hair and damage it badly (believe me I've been there before).

I suggest that before you go swimming you wet your hair with clean water and then use a mixture of diluted conditioner with water and spray it all over your braids.

What this does is create a barrier between your hair and the harsh chemicals in the pool water.

Always rinse your hair completely in a stream of fresh water after you come out of the pool and spray your hair with the conditioning mixture again until you get home and wash your hair properly.

Have fun swimming!

- Camille

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Swimming With Braids
by: Anonymous

Question: Swimming With Braids

I have this school field trip in April and we are going to six flags. I have really short hair and don't want to go with my natural hair.

Do you think that I could get tree braids or micros and still be able to swim without having to worry that the braids will come out or get messed up?

Camille's Answer:

Hi there!

Of course you can get braids and in fact braids are one of the best "vacation" hairstyles around. You don't have to worry about combing, brushing or styling your hair. Just have fun!

Once you have enough new growth (an inch or so) and they are put in properly (make sure they aren't too tight) you won't have to worry about the braids sliding out of your hair.

Two points of caution though. These braids are not 100% maintenance free.

To be sure your hair stays healthy under the braids you need to do 3 things.

1. Wash all the chlorine water out of your hair and braids after you swim.
2. Make sure your hair dries completely and is not damp under the braids.
3. Use a conditioning leave-in or braid spray on your hair daily.

If you do these things you'll look great on your trip and have healthier hair when you take the braids down.

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