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Fun And Flirty Micro Braid Styles

Take a look at all these micro braid styles ideas you can try out for yourself. Micro braids are one of the most versatile style choices. You can use almost any type of hair, wavy, straight or curly and you can experiment with different color combinations.

The only thing to remember when you do this style is to be gentle on your hairline and even if they look great, resist the temptation to keep them in forever and a day. Your real hair needs to be taken care of and every 6-12 weeks you should take the braids out to properly wash and deep condition it.

If you're a braid fanatic you're always looking for new ways to wear your hair check out some of these micro braid styles for ideas.

This cute micro braided style is worn long with crinkles in the ends of the hair. You can get this look by either using wavy textured hair extensions or doing a braid out on human hair braids.

Brandy's always been known for her stylish micro braids. In this picture she showcases jet black micros with straight ends and she wears it in a partial updo style.

Beyonce always knows how to work a great hairstyle and that goes for her braids too! The style you'd see her with the most is this braided style that features cornrows flowing down into ripples of cascading waves.

Here she shows how mixing different tones of hair is gorgeous when you do it right!

This wet and wavy braid style is sure to turn heads in a carefree updo. Using two different tones adds interest and character to a style like this.

If you look closely you can see that this style features black hair with fiery red highlights (my personal favorite combination!).

This last style features wavy micros done with a center part. The burst of brown and cinnamon tones of the hair extensions used makes this style fun and really frames the face!

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