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Managing Frizzy Hair

by Vidya

My daughter has frizzy curly hair which looks really good but is difficult to manage. She does not want to straighten it but wants ways and remedies to manage it so it does not get entangled and gets conditioned.

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Some recommendations...
by: Camille

Hi Vidya!

Your daughter’s hair sounds beautiful and I don’t think she should change it either. Curly hair is amazing but sometimes hard to deal with.

The key to finding success with that hair type is to keep the frizz under control and define the curls and waves that are in the hair.

The way to do this is to keep the hair moisturized and using a styling product and techniques that will lock in the natural curl pattern into the hair without encouraging any frizz.

I recommend that you get a mild shampoo for your daughter, a deep moisturizing conditioner, a leave in conditioner and either a frizz fighting serum or a curl enhancing leave in conditioner.
You also need to learn how to scrunch her hair which is a great styling method for curly and wavy hair where you just use your fingers to style.

The best tips I can give you is to not towel dry or comb your daughters’ hair after its wet. Instead let it drip dry and only use your styling product and fingers to style.

Check out these two sites for more help.


Good luck!

Relax, color, 20 min. conditon, or other way?
by: Anonymous

What is the proper order to deep condition your hair?

Do you relax, then semi-color on the same day, then condition under the dryer for 20 minutes then roller set, then put the anti friz serums? Or do you deep condition on another day?

Camille's Comments:

It's always best to do your semi-color on the same day as your relaxer because your hair becomes more porous and the color can penetrate better and last longer.

What you don't want to do is deep condition with heat on that day because your color will come right back out and you won't get the desired effect. Instead just use a rinse out conditioner and a good leave in and wait two weeks to use the deep conditioner.

Of course this all stands if your hair is in good condition to begin with. If your hair needs some attention, go for the deep conditioner and hold off on the color until your hair is in better condition.

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