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Makeup Lines For African Americans?

by Anonymous

Question: Makeup Lines For African Americans?

Hi Camille!

I've noticed that certain make-up lines are not at all suited toward African American women.

Do you know of any that are actually suited for black women, that will not burn my pockets (I'm kinda on a budget here, ha ha)?

Also, although this question is a little off topic, I was wondering if you could perhaps provide a picture and information on what each make-up brush looks like and what it is used for?
I see a lot of make-up brush sets in drugstores that claim certain brushes are used for certain things. Like for instance an eye brush would really be an eyeshadow brush.

I'm just really starting to get a little confused here ha ha. Your answers would be a big help! :]

Camille's Answers:

Hello Miss Manhattan!

You are right, even in 2010 there are pretty limited choices for black women when compared to mainstream.

There are however quite a few lines of makeup that work for us. Here are some of them in order of cost.

- Mac
- Fashion Fair
- Iman
- Mary Kay
- Avon
- Black Opal
- Maybellene

The ones in bold are very affordable and come with a nice range of products.

If you're interested in mineral makeup you can check out...

- Monave
- Mineral Indulgence

These two lines cater to black women.

As for your second question, you can find information about makeup brushes on this page.

Makeup Brush Sets - Get Tips On The Must Have Makeup Brushes To Have In Your Kit

I will add pictures showcasing each individual brush soon, so be sure to check back for updates!

Comments for Makeup Lines For African Americans?

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Good Article on brushes
by: Jonae

This was an informative article. I just bought samples of Mineral Indulgence's powder/liquid silk and so far it's pretty good! Love the coverage both provide, and I plan on buying full-sizes later. That may be a while though because the samples look like they could last me a good while. I'll have to go out and buy a brush though. I'm pretty sure Ulta has fairly decent ones.

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