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Losing My Hair To Chronic Scalp Condition

by Kitten


I am really going nuts with my scalp condition. It's very flaky, large clumps of dry 'something' coming off my scalp.

It is now getting into my face, behind my ear and the corner of my nose. It looks especially gruesome when I do a shampoo or relax, then I look like I have on this thin white lining coming down on my forehead.

Been to the dermatologist and I've been using every named product (mycospor, betnovate, dermovate etc) possible and all the shampoos too.

Yes, they help but after I stop using for a few days...bam...

My hair has now begun to break and thin and I am going crazy losing my beautiful hair.

Are there any home treatments/regime out there that can help with issue.

I am tired of these pharmaceuticals taking me to the bank.

I need back my thick, shiny, long hair. It's my beauty and pride, plus my mom is going nuts asking me 'where is your long hair' :-)

Camille's Answer

Hi Kitten.

I'm very sorry to hear about your scalp issues.

Your problem is definitely a medical one and not run of the mill dry scalp or dandruff. You've already been, but the dermatologists are really the ones best equipped to help you with this issue as I don't give medical advice, only hair care and beauty tips.

What I CAN tell you however is this.

Keep Doing What Works

If what they're prescribing for you works when you use it, keep using it until your scalp clears up completely. It's expensive, but at least you're getting results.

Look Into Tea Tree Oil

Investigate using tea tree oil for scalp conditions. It's very effective and a cheaper alternative to expensive treatments depending on the troubles your having (get confirmation from your doctor).

Condition Your Hair Thoroughly

Treatment shampoos for scalp conditions can dry out and damage hair so it's very important to condition your hair and ends to keep them healthy while you're being treated.

Use moisturizing and protein conditioners to heal and repair your hair, but be very careful not to get the creamy conditioners on your scalp though because that will aggravate any condition you have there.

Also make sure you use a leave-in conditioner and a daily moisturizing hairdress to keep your ends hydrated so they don't break off.

Keep Your Scalp Super Clean

Make sure you keep your scalp scrupulously clean. That might mean washing more than you're used to.

Lay Off The Chemicals For A While

I notice you said your hair is relaxed. Sometimes it's the relaxer itself that causes scalp issues, and another times it just aggravates the condition because it's extremely harsh on the scalp.

Perhaps you could try going a few months without a relaxer while still treating your scalp with the medications and see if that brings faster results.

But Seriously...

If I were you I'd seek out another doctor for a second opinion on that scalp condition.

You can protect and heal your hair with proper conditioning and moisturizing, but clearing that scalp is going to take a lot more than anything you'll find in a beauty supply.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Comments for Losing My Hair To Chronic Scalp Condition

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Losing My Hair To Chronic Scalp Condition
by: Kitten

Thanks for your time and lengthy comments. I have been to many dermos all trying the same issues.

You are right, I think a major part of my breakage is using all these scalp products, which way dries out the hair, but I have not been doing any deep conditioning. I just bought a tube of Top Brass, so I'm gonna see how that works. I am also going to add tea tree oil to my Mizani H20 night creme.

This is my plan - shampoo once weekly, throw in an egg or two every two weeks, deep conditioning under the hood every two weeks (alternate with egg treatment). Continue to moisture with Mizani H20...let's see what happens...unless you have a regime that I can try.

Oh...can't go with relax, once these roots start to grow it's way too hard to comb and it hurts. Thanks

Camille's Answer:

Hi Kitten,

You're welcome!

Do your routine you've come up with for a few weeks and let me know what your results are. Based on what happens I'll offer suggestions on what I think you could change/add/subtract to get better results.

flaky, scaley, damaged scalp
by: Tracy's Sister

I read your comments about having large scales/flakes on your scalp, forehead, ears etc and I will tell you what I told my sister, you need to stop relaxing your hair and go natural.

My sister had exactly the same problem, she stopped perming her hair for about 2 months and then cut her damaged hair off on Dec. 11, 2009 and she just emailed me to say her hair is not itchy, flaking, no scaly skin falling from her forehead into her face on her ears etc. below is her comments this morning to me:

Tamara there are no flakes, around my forehead, my scalp or my ears . AMEN AMEN AMEN That is all I can say and it has been five days I am good. I think this Sunday I will do another baking soda and vinegar rinse.

The best thing we as African American women can do for ourselves and our hair is to go back to how we were created.

Camille's Comment:

Hi Tracy's Sister. Thanks for your comment. Kitten emailed me after she made this post and I gave her this exact same advice.

STOP relaxing your hair.

You are right, for most women their hair problems will stop once they give up the chemical's. But for many that's easier said than done.

Kitten like other women I've spoken to just isn't prepared or willing to stop relaxing her hair right now, so I suggested she try her new routine and we take it from there.

I've found that many black women are just NOT going to stop relaxing their hair.

I honestly think that the better option if straight hair is wanted, is to cornrow your own hair down and either wear a lace front or get a full head weave.

Relaxing is really not necessary, especially if it's damaging the scalp and/or hair.

Thanks again for your input!

Other Options
by: Tracy's Sister

Hi Camille/ Kitty,

I pray that the routine that you came up with works however Kitty (my friend nicked name me Kitty over 20 years ago in high school- I think because of my eyes or my voice or both ha ha) Anyway!

Kitty- if what you are trying doesn't work please look into the very many natural websites that are available and they will guide you patiently and perfectly into the beauty that is your natural hair. God Bless you whatever you decide.

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