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Longer Lasting Natural Looking Makeup Tip

by Miracle
(Fresno CA)

Longer Lasting Natural Looking Makeup Tip

Hello, I have been using mac products for a while now and I love how they work, but sometimes I feel like I'm wearing too much makeup especially when going to work.

I work at a fast food restaurant and am trying to figure out a way to make my foundation stay on longer while looking natural.

After applying my foundation I use the M.A.C. Mineralize skin finish and the M.AC. blot pressed powder, But I always have to "touch up" about every 20 minutes.

I was wondering is it the way I am blending my foundation that's making me look fake and not keeping it on or WHAT?

Please help me find a way to looksuitable for work (natural looking) but still fabulous!

Thank you.

Camille's Answer

Hi Miracle. A pretty name for a pretty girl. :)

There are three things I'd like to suggest you try to help get your makeup situation under control.

1. Use a makeup primer before your foundation.

I don't know if you've ever painted a wall before, but there's a thing called primer that every professional painter will do a coat of before they reach for the final color that goes on the wall.

It fills in cracks, evens the texture and color of the wall perfectly so that the coat of paint goes on smooth, even and rich in color.

Makeup primer does the exact same thing but for your skin. If you get a primer that also controls oil at the same you've killed two birds with one stone.

Mix your foundation with a little moisturizer.

A lot of the time makeup will look fake because it's either the wrong color (not exact match) or we use too much of it.

Makeup's job is not to mask the skin, but to bring out the best in it.

Also, makeup that's appropriate coverage a night out at the club is going to look WAY too heavy for a day at school or working in a casual setting.

Usually the best light coverage makeup is a tinted foundation/moisturizer.

You can make your own by mixing a little bit of plain moisturizer with your foundation then apply it either with your fingers, a foundation brush or a sponge applicator.

It will glide on smooth and sheer and leave your skin looking really fresh and dewy.

3. Use oil blotting papers instead of powder for touch ups.

Oil seeps through makeup like nobody's business. So if you have oily skin you might find yourself always wanting to powder up every half an hour.

The problem with this is that you keep piling layer upon layer of powder on your face and after a while even with the best of intentions you start to look overly "made up" and cakey.

The solution is to use oil blotting papers (also called rice paper) to sop up the oil. The best part about it is that once the oil has been blotted you skin comes back to having that fresh matte look without you having to add any powder.

Try these things and let me know how they work for you.

Good luck!

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