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Lipstick for Dark Lips

by Jazzie
(El Mirage, Arizona, Maricopa)

My dark Lips. Please help !

My dark Lips. Please help !

Q: Hi, I was wondering what lipsticks would be good to use on dark pigment lips.

A: Can I please first just say that you are a very beautiful black woman with a lovely smile!

I have some great news for you...You can wear almost any color lipstick you want even if you have dark lips.

The trick is that to keep the "true" color of the lipstick intact you just need to prime your lips with some foundation before you put the lipstick on.

That's right, the same foundation that matches your skin. just put a little bit of it on your lips with a sponge or your fingers to make the color evenly matched with your skin.

Wait a minute or two for it to dry, then apply your lipstick (any color your heart desires) and the color will not only show true like it does on the stick, but it will also stay on your lips longer because of the foundation base underneath.

It's a trick makeup artists have been using for years and it works very well.

Be as bold as you want to be with your lip colors. Just make sure that you choose colors that work with your undertones and that make you feel gorgeous!

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Dark Lips
by: Anonymous

If you want lighter lips go with Dr. Joson dark lips cream :)

Camille's Comment:

Thanks for that tip anon. I believe that lip cream is usually sold in Asia. I've been looking for an online source and can't seem to pin one down.

A few more things you can try for dark lip problems are these:

1. Put a bit of foundation or concealer on your lips before you apply your lipstick. The color will pop more and be longer lasting and most importantly it will hide the tone difference of your lips by making them equals before color application.

2. If you're wearing a bold color lip gloss or lipstick try to find a complimentary lip pencil and basically color your lips in with that pencil before you apply the lip color. This has the same effect of using a concealer or foundation before application.

Tired of my pink lower lip
by: Anonymous

What can I do to either permanently darken my lower pink lip or what other remedies can I use to treat it? When I wear lipstick I can still see the pink through it. This had lower my self-esteem and withdrawal socially for years and need help please.

Dr. Joson Dark Lip Cream
by: Anonymous

Where can you get Dr.Jason dark lip cream?

Camille's Comments:

It seems that this product is readily available in Asia but hard to find elsewhere. I'm trying to see if I can locate a resource online, when I find it I will post a link in this thread.

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