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Lip Gloss Color Recommendations


I need some lip gloss color recommendations. I really enjoy lip gloss because it gives a glossy finish and is quick and easy to apply.

However I have trouble finding the right shade for my age and skin tone. I have red undertones and slightly golden skin.

However it seems like most lip colors are too dramatic and overpowering for my age. What colors can I use that are subtle but still noticeable.

Camille's Answer:

It's very hard for me to recommend something without actually seeing your complexion. Since you didn't post a picture of yourself, would you mind naming a celebrity that has a similar complexion?

In the mean time though, the most subtle shade of gloss would be one that's closest to the natural color of your lips. That would be considered a nude shade.

Check out these colors from Vicky Secret, these are all nice neutral shades.

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The key though is to use sheer (see through) color. Once the color is sheer enough you can wear almost anything without it looking over done.

Hope this helps, and kudos to you for not wanting to look too mature!

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