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Lip Color For Dark Skinned Women

by Danielle

Question: Lip Color For Dark Skinned Women

I'm interested in trying some new lip colors for spring, but being that I'm dark-skinned, I was wondering if whether or not certain lip colors will look right on me.

I read somewhere, that in order for a lipstick or a lip gloss color to come on the same way as it looks in the tube, that you can apply a nude lip liner around your lips. Is this true?

If not, what can I do to try on these new oh so beautiful lip colors? Thanks a bunch!

Camille's Answers

Hi Danielle!

Experimenting with colors is a really fun thing to do and a lot of women tend to shy away from it because they can't seem to find a color that works for them.

You being dark skinned (like myself) you generally you want to stick with colors that are in the brown, red and purple families.

Think toffee, bronze, plum, berry...everything that sounds really delicious will probably work well for you.

Stay away from colors with bright and pink undertones as they tend to make darker skin look "ashy".

What you were told is true. If you want the color of your lips to stay true to the color in the tube you can line and fill your lips with a nude color, or simply use a little foundation on your lips just like you would with the rest of your skin to even them out and provide a "base coat" before you put the color on.

At the end of the day though the best way to find a color that will really flatter you is to try it on.

Time to hit up the cosmetics counter at your mall and ask for samples!

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