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Light Blotches On My Face

I have light blotches on my face. What can I do to get rid of them?

Camille's Answer:

The best place to start is to figure out the cause of the light blotches.

- Have you always had them or did they develop over time?
- Do you suffer from a skin disorder or infection?

The best place to go to find out these answers is to a skin specialist. It's important for you to do that especially if your skin hasn't always been like that.

Light patches on the skin are caused by several things.

1. Peeling after extreme sun exposure.
2. Vitiligo
3. Skin infections like liver spots and tinea versicolor
4. Heredity.

If the skin color is caused by peeling you can just moisturize until the older skin peels and the fresh uniform color skin is revealed. If it's an infection or vitiligo you need to let the skin doctor prescribe the right treatments to clear it up.

If it's heredity you can either cover it up with makeup (fastest option but not permanent) to even out your skin or use topical and/or oral skin toning agents to even your skin color.

One of the better and safer options are supplements with l-glutathione like Oralight Whitening Pills which suppresses the development of melanin in the skin. Over time 3-9 months this helps lighten up your skin overall and even the tone.

If you use it with one of the skin toning soaps like Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Herbal Soap at the same time you should see good results after a while.

These products are touted as "skin whitening" but unless you are really fair to start out with they will not make you white, but rather even out your skin tone and lighten up dark areas.

Good luck!

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