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Leave In Conditioner For Black Hair

Is leave in conditioner really that important?

Is your hair a dry, tangled, unruly mess even after you've washed and conditioned?

If it is, your hair will benefit from adding a good leave in treatment to your regimen.

Let's look at the reasons why it's important to use a leave in and what to look for when you go shopping for one.

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Why is Using a Leave In Important?

Your hair is constantly exposed to things that dry it out and make it prone to damage. Sun exposure, heat styling tools and dry air can all make your hair weaker by opening up its cuticles.

These conditioners help keep the hair sealed and set the stage for styling. They give it that extra hydrating shot of moisture it needs.

The fact that you don't wash out this type of conditioner makes it work ever harder to keep your hair healthy.

What Leave In Conditioner Does

It's very important to use a leave-in conditioner after every wash to help lock the water into the hair making it smooth and silky when it dries.

Best Leave In For Black Hair

As with all other products, the best one is the one that works for you.

Here are some guidelines you can use when you're shopping for your leave-in product.

Click here to see the best leave ins for Black and African American hair.

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