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Is Hair Shedding From The Root A Problem

by Riley
(Durham, NC)

Q: I have been exercising four days a week for the last 4 months and I recently noticed about a month ago that my hair has begun shedding from the root.

They are long strands with a small white bulb. My hair dresser says it could just be my season to shed, but that there was really nothing that I could do about it.

I do not have any balding and my hair is in good condition. I wash it once a week with a moisture replenishing shampoo and conditioner by Mizani.

Can you tell me what might be going on with my hair?

A: Based on what you've said I agree with your hair dresser. Your hair must be going through an extended shedding phase.

It happens sometimes and once it's not breakage and you're not ill you have nothing to worry about.

Don't fret. Your hair will stop shedding soon and it will be back to normal.

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