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I'm 68 and not able to find make-up that makes me all foxey

by Jayne R. leland
(Philadelphika, PA)

This was taken at my nephew's wedding last year

This was taken at my nephew's wedding last year

I'm 68 and would like to were make up that doesn't make me gray and eye make doesn't really work anymore. HELP!

Camille's Comment:

Hi Jayne! Sounds like you're using makeup that's not made specifically for women of color. There's still not as many options out there for makeup for women of color but it's much better than it used to be.

Please check this page for some suggestions of lines where you can find colors that will flatter your skin tone and bring out your gorgeously unique features.

Makeup Lines For African Americans?

Tip: Remember to try on foundation in the most natural light possible to get the best color match. When it seems to disappear into your skin that's when you know you've found a winner!

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