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I am looking for more styles for dreadlocks

by Mrs. Williams
(Pittsburgh, PA USA)

Q: I want to know is there a website that I can go to to find more updo styles for dreadlocks?

Reason being I do hair and where I live there are not many books that suggest styles for dreadlocks.

Please direct me to where I can find this information.

Thank You.

Hi Mrs. Williams. I know there is a real shortage of information of pictures and information on dreadlocks.

Because of the shortage I have no idea where to point you to for any significant pictures of styles.

I'd suggest you start by trying to google "dreadlocked hairstyles" and see what comes up.

I'm working on an entirely new section of the site that will focus on more hairstyles which includes dreadlocks and other natural styles.

Please join the Black Women Beauty Central online community so you can get updated as soon as it happens.

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