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How To Use Makeup Concealer On Spots

Q: I was burned on my face three weeks ago. I'm very self conscious of the burns and have never really worn makeup. I feel compelled to wear makeup now.

Ive been covering the burns with my creme powder foundation by Fashion Fair. I was told I had a "weird" complexion and was given brown/tender. Everyone says I look great in it but I feel its too light for my dark skin, but I'm not use to seeing myself in makeup anyhow.

How do I pick out the correct concealer? Will it be okay to utilize concealer on spots all over my face? The marks in the pic are now darker than my skin tone.

Also how do you deal with hair on the face? I have a lot of "peach fuzz".

A: First I'd like to say that I'm very sorry to hear about your burns. I'm glad you're recovering and you can definitely cover up the scarring with makeup.

Your complexion is far from weird and from what I can see you aren't as dark as you think you are.

The way to make sure your foundation matches is to apply it onto your skin and if it seems to "disappear" then you have your match. The best place to check for sure is in natural daylight. So grab a hand mirror and head over to a window.

Your concealer should be a shade or so lighter than your foundation if you're covering up dark spots and concealer can be used for lots of things.

- Under eye darkness
- Darkness around the nose and mouth
- Dark spots in general on the skin

The only thing you must do is tap and blend out the concealer so you don't look like that chicken pox kid with the calamine lotion dots all over your face. LOL

As for the peach fuzz, you can either get it waxed off (ouch) or leave it on and use this makeup trick.

When you're applying your foundation with a sponge or foundation brush, apply it downwards in the direction that the hair grows. This will help the little fuzzy hairs to lie down flat against your skin so they aren't that noticeable.

Hope this helps and that you have a full recovery very soon.

If you haven't already, get your hands on some black soap and shea butter to help the dark marks fade faster.

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