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How To Treat Oily Skin Tips For Black Women


Want to know how to treat oily skin?

Doesn't have to deal with an oil slick of a face annoy you? I know I hate it.

Running to the bathroom every hour to blot a shiny nose and forehead is embarrassing and a waste of time.

Oily skin does have its advantages. It makes our skin age much more slowly. I love the thought of being carded at fifty, but for now it's just a hassle.

Let'’s look at some things you can do to cut the shine.

Oily Skin Care Tips

Here are some tips on how to treat oily skin and shrink your pores.

Wash Your Face Gently

Did you know that over-washing your face actually makes it oiler? Washing with harsh cleansers makes oil glands think your skin is drying out. The result is more old production. There’s a better way to go about getting clean skin.

Use Clay Masks

Control Your Stress

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