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How To Take Out Braids


Learn how to take out braids with no damage or hair loss.

Have you ever found yourself battling with a head full of tangled knots, or taking twice as long to remove your braids as you did having them put in?

I've seen women literally have to cut most of their hair off because the tangles were so bad they had no choice.

Here are some simple tips you can use to make sure that doesn't happen to you.

How To Take Out Braids The Easy Way

Here are the step by step instructions for taking braids out.

  1. Remove any beads, elastic bands or other fasteners at the end of your braids.

  2. If you trust yourself, use a hair scissors to cut the braids off an inch below where your hair stops. This gives you less work to do

  3. Start from the end of the braid and use the comb's teeth or tail to separate the middle the braid. Pull down until it starts to unravel.

  4. Hold the two outer pieces of hair and pull slightly to unravel more of the length of the braid.

  5. As you get closer to the base of the braid, use the comb to go down the middle again. Loosen one link at a time until you get all the way down to the roots.

  6. After you've removed the entire braid you might see a clump of hair and build up at the root. Use the wire comb to gently comb through the clump starting at the ends and working down. If the clump of hair is tough to move, use your fingers to rub it back and forth loosening up the ball of hair before you use the wire comb on it.

  7. Continue removing each braid like this until they are all out.

  8. Comb through the entire head of hair one more time before you move on to washing and conditioning.

Braid Take Down Tips

Here are some simple tips on how to take out braids.

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