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How To Style With Glued In Weave

Q: How do you make a cute hairstyle using glue in weave?

A: Well that all depends on what you're doing for.

I think the hardest part is deciding on the style and choosing the hair.

You need to know exactly what look you're going for and then choose:

- Actual hair type you want to use.
- Length of the hair.
- Color/s of hair.
- Amount of hair.

After that it's just a matter of putting it in.

When you're applying the weave think about the way you'd like it to fall to determine where you need to part and place the hair. After you're sure you do the parts and apply the tracks with glue, then use a blow dryer to help them "set".

After all the tracks are in you can then style the hair in any way your imagination takes you. :)

Please check out this page for more help on glue in weave.

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