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How to Style Black Hair

Looking for tips on how to style black hair?

Do you ever feel like you're always at your hairstylists' mercy?

Feel like you're on a never ending quest to find your 'Holy Grail' hairdresser?

Have you heard one of these famous lines before?

The list of hairdresser horrors goes on and on.

Add the fact that a lot of these 'professionals' don't seem to know what they're doing and you have the perfect recipe for disaster...a very expensive disaster.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that all stylists are bad. There are great ones out there, but in my experience they're few and far between. If having healthy hair is your goal this is especially true.

Why Should You Learn How To Style Your Own Hair?

You're The Best Choice

No one cares about your hair more than you do so it just makes sense to be your own stylist.

I don't know about you, but if anyone's going to accidentally ruin my hair I'd rather it be me.

Don't feel (like so many other Black and African American women do) that you have to go to a stylist or your hair won't thrive. That's just not true.

It's very liberating not to mention financially rewarding to do your hair yourself. And don't worry, it won't come out in clumps in your hands or disintegrate right off your head. I promise.

When I realized how bad the problem with stylists was I took matters into my own hands.

I learned how to do just about everything my hair needs on my own. From washing and general maintenance to styling, I do it all right at home.

You can get more hands on too. It doesn't matter what texture you have or if you hair is long, short, curly, straight or somewhere in between. You can create beautiful hairstyles at home while keeping your hair in tip top shape using the right products and tools.

Here are tips, techniques, instructions and video tutorials on how to style black hair to give you independence at last!

How to Use Flexi Rods

Looking for tips on how to style black hair using flexi rods? Rod setting is one of the best ways to get a temporary curly style. When I came across the technique years ago it became my favorite styling technique right away.

Create curls of every size with this easy to do style. The results can last up to two weeks with the right care and maintenance.

How to Do Black Hair Twists

Want to learn how to syle black hair with twists? The hair twist is one of the easiest hairstyles to master. Depending on your hair, this style can last up to a month and you can do it with or without extension hair.

Learn the African American and Black hair twisting techniques to style your own hair beautifully.

How to Do a Braid Out

Need tips on how to style black hair with a braid out? If you're a fan of crinkles and deep waves a braid out is a good style choice. This hairstyle was my saving grace when I was growing out my relaxer.

Whether your hair is natural, relaxed or transitioning braid outs are easy to do and last a week or more with the right care.

How to Wrap Black Hair

Trying to figure out how to wrap black hair perfectly? Hair wrapping is one of the best styling techniques ever created. It smooths out roller set bumps, makes your hair fall perfectly in straight styles and helps protect your hair while you sleep.

If you have a comb, a brush and 5 minutes to spare you can learn how to style black hair in a wrap.

How to Roller Set Hair

Roller setting is one of the healthiest ways to dry and style your hair at the same time. Roller sets give your hair body, smoothness and curls that last. The indirect (or no) heat used is great for maintaining your hair's strength and vitality.

Learn the secrets to a perfect roller set every time and what you don't know about roller setting that can damage your hair.

How to Relax Hair

Want to learn how to relax hair at home? A relaxer application is something that's usually best left in the hands of a trusted professional stylist. But you can do it safely at home too. If it wasn't safe, relaxer box kits wouldn't be sold.

With these simple instructions and the right tools and tips it's easy to relax your hair yourself.

How to Do a Twist Out

Is there a difference between a twist out and a braid out? Yes. Twist outs are even easier to do since it's a 2 strand technique vs. 3 or more for braiding. They create soft beautiful waves while braid outs give deeper more dramatic crinkles.

This style works well for any hair type and texture (even dreadlocks). The fact that no hot tools are needed means your hair stays healthy and strong.

How to Flat Iron Black Hair

Want tips on how to style black hair with a flat iron? Flat irons are known as one of the most damaging tools you can use to style your hair. No matter how careful you are your hair will always be healthier if you didn't use one at all.

That said, there are basic must-know techniques for using a flat iron that give you straight silky smooth results while causing the least amount of damage to your hair.

How to Blow Dry Black Hair

Need tips on how to style black hair with a blow dryer? I'm always preaching about staying away from heat, but sometimes blow dryers are a necessary evil. If you're going to use one you might as well learn how to do it the right way.

Find out what type of blow dryer to use along with the tools, products and techniques to give you a super smooth finish every time.

How Get Wavy Hair for Black Women

Want to know how to style black hair to make it wavy? Waves are a popular hairstyle with the everyday Black woman and trend setting celebrities like Rhianna and Beyonce. I've always liked them for their fun factor and because they hide layers as they grow out.

Wavy hair can be as temporary or permanent as you want it to be. Use these tips and techniques to create your own wavy look.

Want More Tips on How to Style Black Hair?

These African American and Black hair care tips are a great place to start your journey to healthier hair. The best place to continue it is in the Black Women Beauty Central Online Community. Join us now!

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