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How To Slim My Nose With Makeup?

by Carmela
(Columbus, Oh)

Nose And Facial Contouring With Makeup

Nose And Facial Contouring With Makeup

Question: How to slim my nose with makeup?

I have combination skin, so what type of foundation can I use to make my nose look smaller?

Camille's answer:

Hi Carmela. What you're asking about is called contour shading and all it is is really just adding dimension to the face like an artist would to a blank canvas by using the elements of light and dark.

Typically we use contour creams to do this but it can also be done with powder.

The key to it is to use two shades. One that's slightly darker than your skin tone and one that's slightly lighter.

To make your nose look narrower you want to emphasize the bride of your nose and make it stand out, while at the same time de-emphasizing the nose on either side of the bridge making it seem to recede into the background.

The way you do this is by taking the darker of the two shades of contour cream or powder and going down both sides of your nose all the way to the tip and around the sides. Make sure to blend properly so that you can't see a line.

Next you want to take the lighter shade and go down the bridge of your nose, right in the center and all the way to the tip. Then you want to blend again so you don't see a hard line between where the light and dark makeup meets.

What you're going for is a soft focus "shadow" rather than a paint-by-numbers fill in the blank kind of look.

I'll make a video or pictures soon showing exactly how to do this on my own not so narrow nose and post it here. :)

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