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How To Secure Hair Twists

by Denise

Q: How to make twists stay in your head when its going into a pony tail?

A: Hi Denise. I want to be clear on what you're asking. Do you mean flat twists (the kind that lay against your head) or single twists?

If it's the first one (flat twists):

The best way to secure them is with small snag free elastic bands that you can get in any beauty supply.

Twist the hair up to the point that you want and put the elastic band around the base (twist and overlap it as much as you have to to make it stay).

You might have to split the hair in two parts and "pull" slightly to make sure it stays in place.

If it's the second one (single twists):

The easiest way to keep single twists from falling out of an updo is to use hair pins or barrette's.

I'm thinking that you meant the first one in this case though. :)

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