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How To Remove Burn Scarring

Question: How To Remove Burn Scarring

Hi ladies, my hot water bottle (which I was using for horrible period pains) exploded on my leg about two weeks ago. I already have scars on my legs from childhood which effected my confidence for a very long time now this.

The doctor said the burns on my foot and leg are first degree burns but with black skin there always seems to be extra complications. Half my foot and leg is black with blistered scars and most of my left foot is scarred and hardened from the scalding. It looks really horrible and has taken away my confidence.

I don't feel I can wear skirts or shorts any more. My question is, if this is only a first degree burn how do I get rid of the scarring or at least speed the process up?

Has anyone had this experience and used methods that actually got rid of the scars? Please help. Been trawling the net to find suggestions for black skin but so far absolutely useless till I stumbled on this site. Thanks so much for your help and suggestions! Distressed in London.

Camille's Answer

Oh no...I'm so sorry to hear about your accident and the scars it has left you with. I've never suffered a burn before and have no idea how to treat one or the scars it leaves behind. Maybe someone else will come along who can tell you more about it or any experiences they've had.

One thing I would say though is to wait until your skin is fully healed and the scabs fall off to see what you are left with.

If your skin hasn't been warped in any way and it's just discolored (a few shades darker than the surrounding skin), it will fade over time.

You don't have to be afraid to show your skin even with scars though. There's awesome body makeup like Dermablend that you can use to cover your scars and discoloration. This stuff is so good celebrities use it to cover tattoos when they need to. Give it a try and get your confidence back to wear those shorts and skirts again.

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Removing burn scars and quickening the healing
by: Daniele

Hi, I would like to say you can use Shea butter to speed up the healing process and help ease up the pain. It would also soften the scar up.

For the marks on your legs you could use Lemon juice to lighten the scars up. I used lemon juice on my scars that wouldn't go away for years and now they've faded. Warning: since lemon juice has photosynthesis, don't put the lemon juice on then go outside because it'll darken up. Put the lemon juice on in the night, let it dry up and go to sleep. In the morning wash it out.

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