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How To Quick Weave


Want to learn how to quick weave?

This method is becoming more popular as a simple way to add hair extensions.

It doesn't matter what type of hair you have and it's so easy you can do it yourself. Imagine all the styling possibilities you'll have!

Let's discuss exactly what they are and how to quick weave step by step.

What's A Quick Weave?

A quick weave is a full head weaving technique where tracks are glued to a wave or skull cap. The entire style is done on a foundation that's easily applied to and removed from the head. It's basically a custom made wig.

With a quick weave you can create any look with any type of extension hair. It can be long or short, curly or straight, all one color or filled with highlights.

Let your imagination run wild! If you want a style with your hairline showing this isn't the best weaving option for you. Look into sewn in weaves and regular bonded tracks.

Benefits Of A Quick Weave

Step By Step Instructions On How To Quick Weave

What You Need

Use these simple steps to learn how to quick weave so it looks perfect every time.

  1. Wash, condition and blow dry your hair.

  2. Cornrow or sweep your hair back into one at the nape of your neck. Make sure to style it so that it lies completely flat.

  3. Put a wave cap on your head and make sure all your hair is covered. Put a sheet of paper towel over the cap and put the other wave cap over that.

  4. Starting from the nape of your neck, measure, and cut and apply weave tracks going from ear to ear. Stop when you get to the crown of the head.

  5. Starting from the front, measure, cut and apply weave tracks going from ear to ear. Continue until you get to the crown of your head.

  6. Make sure to glue in a circular pattern. If you do this correctly you'll be left with just a small circle at the crown of your head. At this point you need to create a closure for this space.

  7. Using a two inch section of extension hair, apply bonding glue to the underside of the track.

  8. Roll the track and allow the glue to dry.

  9. Separate the hairs from the middle of the roll to form a closure piece. Then use a hot flat iron to clamp down on the closure piece from the top.

  10. Apply bonding glue to the bottom of the closure and apply it to the small space at the crown of your head. Press down for a few seconds to make sure it's secure.

  11. Trim and style the extension hair any way you like.

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