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How to make wet and wavy micros full at the crown

by Ronita
(Birmingham, AL. USA)

How do I make my wet and wavy micro braids full at the crown for a beautiful new look?

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Braiding, pompador or a braid out....
by: Camille

You want to know how to make wet and wavy micros full at the crown?

Well, you can do one of 3 things...

1. Use more hair at the crown. This one is easier said than done because you want your braids to have a uniform look overall. I have however seen braiders go fuller on the top with the amount of hair they use for each braid to stop that "thin" look that the top of micros can have sometimes.

2. Pompadours are really cute and easy to do and can give a hairstyle fullness at the top.

All you do with braids is part your hair into a triangle starting wide at your forehead and going in as far back as you want then push the section of hair forward towards your forehead so that it "buffs" as high as you want it, then use a few hairpins and pin the base in place from the back so that the pins themselves don't show.

After that you're free to do anything with the rest of your hair. Leave it out and down, put it in a ponytail, cornrow the sides for a mohawk effect or put the rest up into an intricate updo.

3. Last thing you could do which is really easy it to part the crown of your micros into small sections and put a little strong hold styling foam in it. Braid each section about 2 inches away from your scalp, but do it tight so that they stick up as much as possible (think busta rhymes back in the day).

You might have to use small elastics to secure each braid from unraveling. Sit under a bonnet dryer until the hair is dry then release them and use your fingers to fluff the roots.

All of these options will give you a fuller effect at the crown if your micros.

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