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How To Make My Skin Look Brighter

Q: Hey I been suffering with acne for years and I'm trying to create a new look.

I am a medium to dark women I have some dark spot in the cheek areas on both sides of my face.

I have some under the eyes dark spots and I can never find the right shade of makeup. Either my face looks too red or too ashy.

To get an idea of what color I am I am the same complexion of the girl smiling on your page with the black ear rings in the white shirt.

Do you have any advice? I need help please!

A: Let me start off by saying that you are another very beautiful black woman (so many visit this site!).

You are right in thinking that an even toned complexion is very important to making your face look brighter.

You need to stop the acne from forming and then treat the dark spots that might be left behind.

I want to suggest that you try to get your hands on some organic black soap and Shea butter and use them on your face. They work miracles in clearing up acne and getting rid of dark marks.

Regarding the makeup, if you haven't already I would either try mineral makeup (from a company that caters to women of color) or Maybelline dream matte mousse.

These are my two favourite products for the face and they work really well without leaving a strange "ashy" or "ruddy" color.

The secret with foundation is to match the darker parts of your face and apply it so that it seems to disappear.

For those trouble spots the key is to tap the foundation into the area and not wipe it across. the tapping helps to really hide the blemish with enough product.

While you hide your spots and uneven tone, keep working on improving your skin from the inside with fruits and vegetables as well as drinking a lot of water.

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