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How To Make Dry Blemished Skin Look Flawless

by Poom
(South Africa)

Q: I've got dry skin but with lots of blemishes. How can I conceal these as I am allergic to most concealers and powder tends to show that my skin is peeling?

A: Hi Poom. Thank you very much for your question.

If you're dealing with skin issues the last thing you really need to be doing is using a lot of makeup to try and cover it up.

Usually that just ends up making the problem even worse by irritating the skin and causing even more breakouts than what already exists.

What we need to do is try and stop your breakouts and clear up your blemishes so you don't have the need for a lot of makeup to conceal any possible flaws.

The thing I recommend for people who have sensitive skin is either the oil cleansing method
or using African black soap and organic Shea butter on the skin.

Based on your type of skin, which is dry, I would lean more towards the black soap and Shea butter combination.

You should also consider doing some hydrating facials on your skin to help to ease the dryness and flakiness.

As for covering up those blemishes that are there. The best thing you could use on your skin is mineral makeup that is specially made for darker and ethnic skin tones.

The minerals are light, they won't weigh down your skin or clog pores and they conceal blemishes on the skin very well. Try different brands and shades until you find one that blends right into your skin and disappears completely.

They key for you though is getting rid of the dryness in your skin and by using the black soap and following up with Shea butter lightly twice a day you, take care of the blemishes, spots and dryness all at once.

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