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How To Make Dreadlocks By Palm Rolling


Want to learn how to make dreadlocks with the palm roll method?

If you want dreadlocks that are neat, tidy and perfect looking try using the palm roll method.

When I had dreadlocks I preferred the latch hook method to tighten them, but I always groomed with palm rolling.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about palm rolled dreadlocks and a video showing how it'’s done.

How is the palm roll technique done?

Here are the steps on how to make dreadlocks with palm rolling.

How should I use the palm rolling technique?

The palm roll technique is much better for grooming locks than starting them. The downside of this technique is that it needs the most upkeep. For best results locks should be rolled after every wash.

If you're thinking about getting dreadlocks, you're better off starting with a method like interlocking, twisting or braiding. Maintain mature locks with a combination of palm rolling and other root tightening methods (like latch hooking) for the best results.

What kind of hair does the palm roll work for?

To get the best results with the palm roll your hair should be at least three inches long. Any hair type can be rolled, but if your hair is medium to course curly or kinky textured hair you'll have longer lasting results.

The Palm Rolling Technique

Here's a short video that shows exactly how to make dreadlocks by palm rolling. You can see how even dreadlocks in serious need of some grooming can be smoothed out completely by the palm roll. Keep up with this technique and your hair will have a uniform look that's smooth sleek and attractive.

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