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How To Maintain Wet annd Wavy Braids

Smooth N Shine Curling Mousse

Smooth N Shine Curling Mousse

Q: I recently got my hair braided with wet and wavy hair. Most of the hair is out and when it is wet gets really curly. Once it dries it is turning out to be frizzy and looking like Diana Ross.

How do I keep the hair wavy/curly and keep it that way so I don't get the frizzy puffy look.

A: The biggest problem I see with wet and wavy weaves is how to keep it under control and give it the wet look even after it's dry.

What you need to do it to use a foaming product that will lock in the curl with some soft hold and prevent your style from inflating like the good year blimp.

Gels and cremes aren't going to work for the micros because they attract and collect too much lint and other things that can make your hair look dirty.

Using a foam styling product with some hold in it is your best bet and will give you the look you want and be easy to rinse out when you're ready.

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