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How To Grow Back Bald Spots

by Ikia Harding
(Dallas, TX)

Q: How do I grow my bald spots that I ave on the sides of my head?

A: Hi Ikia. First you need to stop doing whatever it is that caused your edges to come out.

- Too tight braids.
- Overprocessing with relaxers.
- Wearing your hair back in one too tighly.

Or whatever it was that caused it.

Then you need to give your hair TLC by washing and conditioning it regularly and doing massages on your scalp a few nights a week.

To help stimulate growth you can warm some organic Castor Oil, dip your fingers in it and use them to massage your scalp.

Other than that it's really just a waiting game.
Take care of your body and it will make sure that your hair grows back. After that it's up to you to take care of the hair as best as you can.

Please see this page for more information.

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