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How To Get Rid Of Old Acne Scars

by Gary

Q: I've been trying to find a skin care regimen that suits my kind of skin (somewhat oily). I'm an 22yr old African American male who cares about his complexion.

In middle school and throughout high school, I suffered from mild to moderate acne blemishes that after healing always left a scar. My skin is normally a caramel color, but after an acne blemish, always heals to leave a dark brown scar. Also, my skin is its truer color (before this skin issue arose) near the middle of my face but is darker along my forehead and cheek area.

My acne has pretty much subsided now I guess since I'm beyond that puberty stage but my skin is still sensitive when it comes to exposing it to anything oily. I've tried bleaching creams to heal the scars but they cause me to breakout (defeating its purpose). Even the products which say "doesn't clog pores" still clog.

What else can I use to even out my skin tone so my skin is even, and apparently so despite the various lighting. Though my skin looks much clearer in normal light, in bright white lights (i.e. camera flashes), it looks as though you can see all my old scars beneath my skin.

What should I do?

A: Hi Gary.

Thank you so much for the thorough explanation on your skin history. I can see exactly what you're talking about in the picture of your skin.

Your scars aren't bad at all and you can tell that you have more of a mild case of acne than anything severe.

It's very common but very annoying.

There are 3 issues you need to overcome to get your skin back.

1. Eliminating the oiliness.
2. Preventing new acne from forming.
3. Getting rid of old scars.
4. Evening your skin tone.

With that established, here's what I'd like you to try to start getting your skin back on track.
Google "b vitamins for skin".

- To fix problems 1 and 2 I want you to check out this website.

Here you'll find a lot of information about why your skin is oily and how vitamins can really help to eliminate that oil. I use B5 vitamins religiously and they save my skin from being a grease ball. Once the oil is under control I don't get acne either.

- To combat problems 3 and 4 I'd like you to start using NATURAL african black soap that you should be able to get an any african shop near you and if not then online. Also try to get your hands on some organic shea butter.

Use the soap to wash your face twice a day, morning and night, and use the shea to moisturize lightly.

These are all natural products that have healing properties. They destroy the bacteria in the skin and help to lighten old scars.

These three things used together for a few months will help to bring your skin back to life.

I hope this helps and please let me know how your progress is when you start.

P.S. Thank you so much for speaking out on the board. Let your friends know that men are more than welcome to ask questions on here as well. :)

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Restoring and Retaining Your Skin
by: Dale

Hello Gary,

The primary misconception concerning acne that suppresses immediate cures is that it is a result of natural fluctuations in the body. Your skin condition, and that of most others with similar conditions, is generally indicative of what your body is ingesting. Human skin must produce natural oils to moisturize and disinfect the skin throughout life. Washing your face multiple times a day with a good soap may be helpful in certain ways but will ultimately not get rid of your oil problem and may even worsen your oiliness by prompting your skin to aggressively replenish the natural oils that you remove. What you must do is establish equilibriums within your skin and especially within your body. The imbalance is almost certainly due to toxicity in the body and/or deficiency of certain nutrients. To correct this, I would highly suggest considering a change in diet or a safe detox. program that includes a good supplement. You should try to eat cleansing, nutrient-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables and avoid fried, heavily-processed, fortified, and fatty foods. You should carefully read the ingredients of food labels and try to ensure that all you consume is as organic and all-natural as possible. Don?t be surprised if eating less in addition or sometimes nothing at all seems to immediately halt your acne or oily skin. It should mean your liver, instead of your skin, is effectively getting rid of artificial wastes that are not supposed to be in food, water, or air. If people knew about the influence of diet/toxins, many would effectively cure their acne within one day.
Too often many sufferers search hopelessly for a fancy skin care regimen or product-line to treat their skin problems away. If most of those products were truly effective, there probably would be few of and not much questing for them. Generally, you should forget about most of the creams and ointments as they are liable to contain some mix of harmful ingredients. History and research show that the natural way is still best. Here are some products I stand by that should repair your skin condition.

Restoring and Retaining Your Skin
by: Dale

Vitamin E: This may be the principal natural treatment for all scars. With enough commitment, it can completely remove scars that are many years old by being continuously rubbed into scar areas. The most potent form is Tocopheryl Acetate alone. Purchase it in bottles at a local pharmacy/drugstore. Use this with some water as a daily moisturizer. It can be found in edible form in capsules.

Aloe-Vera: This may be the next best natural scar treatment after vitamin E. Aloe reduces inflammation and heals scars. You may be able to find it in gel or soap form or in a consumable form. It is often added to skin care products.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids: These substances are major fighters of discolorations. They naturally lighten darkened skin areas. They are easily found within skin care products.

Lemon/Lime: Lemon may be best for you. It is an astringent that kills many bacteria. It is natural bleach that lightens skin within several months of use. It reduces oil and inflammation. It also detoxifies the body. You can use whole lemons/limes and/or lemon juice. Be careful not to aggravate the skin.

Pure honey: Honey is famous in skin care. It is an antiseptic that kills most bacteria. It repairs scratches and buffs up skin. It absorbs oil and retains water to rejuvenate skin. It reduces inflammation. It acts as a cleansing laxative. It contains those desired alpha hydroxy acids. Yes, pure honey really does much. Lemon and honey facials are excellent for toning. Make sure your honey is pure grade A with nothing added.

Vitamin C: This is essential to protecting skin. It reduces free radicals and degeneration. In order to get the full benefits of natural bleach, you must have some protection against UV radiation. Vitamin C gives you that protection. I use Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Facial Cream because it has so many other good, natural things in addition to sun defense. Use lemons and limes too. You could use SPF stuff but they likely contain other harmful ingredients and may not be much more effective for your skin type.

Yes To Carrots: I believe this is the best natural skin care line and the only one really worth investing in. It?s inexpensive and loaded with restoring vitamins and minerals. Look for it at a pharmacy.

-Drink purified/filtered water and avoid straight tap. This will help keep your body cleansed. Having a comfortable amount of water for your body does much good but having any more does little else. Drinking to any specific amount probably won?t make you less oily. Drink so that you aren?t thirsty.
-Evidence suggests that massaging your skin daily for a while breaks bonds in scarred tissue and smoothes wrinkles and depressions.

Live the Source: This company makes a supplement called the daily source that my family recently started using. It may be the best one not in the mainstream market. It should be capable of helping alleviate all skin conditions. Go to if you are interested.

Restoring and Retaining Your Skin
by: Dale

Most people, even well-learned ones, focus on the body externally and neglect the internal conditions of the body. As a result, many people around you, even some good-looking models, may have seriously toxic accumulations in the body but not know it because the indicators (acne, headaches, nausea, diabetes, heart attack, cancer, etc.) do not always visually present themselves. I now think of acne and similar skin conditions as the body?s ways of letting us know that we need to cleanse our bodies of something or with something. There is substantially more involving toxins than I can explain in one message. You may search online for information about such hazards and the options I proposed to reverse the effects.

By the way, I am a 19-year old African-American male who has suffered from light to moderate acne for nearly seven years. My skin and condition seem somewhat similar to yours. I know what you mean by your skin tone and the lighting thing. If there is hope within some of the testimonials I have read, then there is hope for our skin. I wish you success and good health.

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