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How To Get Rid Of Blemishes And Scars

by Gabrielle
(Dothan, Alabama)

Q: I've had ugly scars and blemishes on my face for a few years now,and they're very dark because I'm lighter. Its lowered my confidence and its painful to see my face like this and quite challenging trying to find a resolution. If you can, could you help a light-skinned African American woman that needs her confidence back? Thank you!

Camille's Answer:

Hi Gabrielle. The secret to getting dark marks to fade is to get your skin cells turning over faster. Dark marks are actually just concentrated areas of melanin in your skin caused my trauma like pimples, cuts and bruises.

After this skin is healed, the melanin gets trapped in the deeper layers of your skin and stays there until the skin comes to the surface and sheds.

Of course you have many fade creams out there on the market, but most of the time these creams either don't work, or pose a threat to your health because of dangerous chemicals that seep into the skin and your system from using them over time.

The answer, is to do things that encourage cell regeneration.

- Light skin peels
- Home dermabrasion
- Peel off masks
- Spa facials
- Facial Scrubs

Look for products that have hydroxy acids in them as well since these loosen up the "glue" that hold skin cells together, helping the old discolored cells to shed faster.

Beyond that it's just a waiting game and also a matter of preventing new marks from forming from acne and other trauma to your skin.

In the mean time and while you work on fading the scars by increasing cell renewal, try to find a good concealer to cover up your dark marks.

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