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How To Get Clear Glowing Skin Fast

by Tyanna

Question: How To Get Clear Glowing Skin Fast

I'm a 13 year old girl from England and like most teens are suffering the dreaded spots! I cant stand them and once they go they leave scars and then even more spots come!

I've tried cleansers and scar fading creams but none of them seem to work very well. Is there an easy way to get rid of spots and scars?

Camille's Answer

Hi Tyanna. Have you ever heard the saying that nothing worth having ever comes easy? It's very true, especially when it comes to getting rid of skin discoloration.

95% the lotions and potions out there won't do much to clear your skin and most of the other 5% are dangerous and harmful to your skin.

To get rid of discoloration you need to exfoliate your skin regularly and keep the area from getting darker by keeping it out of the sun and properly moisturized.

If you haven't already you can also try using Shea butter which tends to tone the skin over time.

The one thing I can assure you though is that it's going to take time and patience on your part.

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