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How To Get Body In Natural Hair

by Chazzy
(Houston, TX)

Q: I have natural hair but I want it to have body like when I get it done at the salon and they blow dry and flat iron it.

When I do it it doesn't style and it is stiff.

What products should I use and what can I do to get better results?

A: Hi Chazzy.

To get a good press effect with natural hair you have to:

1. Use a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to wash the hair.
2. Use a good blow drying creme/leave in conditioner.
3. Use a heat protectant/flat ironing agent to keep your hair smooth, silky and to guard against burning.

As for what actual products to use for each otf these, your best bet is to check out what products they use to style your hair when you go to the salon.

I always say if it ain't broke don't fix it and whatever they use seems to work well with your hair.

Other than that I'd say you have to get your technique down pat to get a good finish result.

That said, the top 3 tips I would give you to get the silkiest results are to:

1. put aside an hour or two to get it done. Take your time and you'll get better results.

2. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you flat iron it.

3. Work in small and thin sections to get the best straightening and body when you blow dry and flat iron.

And this is a bonus tip, don't use products that are heavy and "coat" the hair. They should be light and weightless so your hair can have bounce and movement after you're done.

Hope this helps.

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