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How To Get Back My Long Healthy Hair

by JoLesa McMillian
(Beckville, TX)

Q: I used a L'oreal permanent jet black dye in my hair and it looked really good until the color grew out.

I then used a dark and lovely permanent black dye on my hair that broke it off badly.

I had sores and redness in my scalp, it broke me out and gave me a really bad rash on the back and sides of my neck.!

I really would like for my hair to get back to the way that it looked before that's why I am in need of help!

A: I'm so sorry to hear about your hair color mishap!

Please make a serious mental note about the brand of hair color that caused so much trouble and stay FAR away from it. Stay away from all hair color for a while for that matter.

What you need to be doing at the moment is focusing on getting your hair healthy again and reversing all the damage that has been done recently.

You didn't say, but I'm really hoping that your hair isn't relaxed as well as colored because that's a double whammy.

Some of the things you should do right away are these:

1. Get yourself a good DEEP TRIM to remove all of the broken, split and damaged hair from your head. It makes no sense trying to take care of hair that will never come back to anything.

2. Design an intensive washing and conditioning regimen that involves a deep protein and/or moisturizing treatment every 3-5 days.

3. Stay away from any hot tools and either roller set, twists set or wrap your hair to style.

4. Last but not least stick to it and you will see a difference in your hair in no time.

Check out this page for more tips on how to fix your hair damage.

How To Repair Damaged Hair

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