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How To Get A Bronze Glow

by Agatha
(New York)

Q: How to you get a golden bronze look on your face, shoulders and legs?

A: Well there are two answers here.

1. You could have it naturally in your undertones. Some women find it easy to get that bronze glow when they've been out in the sun for a but, their natural copper and bronze tones become more apparent in the skin.

2. You can use bronzers like I do because I don't have those types of undertones.

You have powder and creme type bronzers. The powder types work best for the face and the creme types work best for the body. I'm putting a picture up of 3 types.

For face, eyes and body.

The key to getting the perfect bronzed look is to go lightly and add more layers of bronzer till you get the look you want.

Overdoing it is going to make you look more like a carrot than a bronzed goddess.

Have fun experimenting!

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