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How To Flat Iron Black Hair


Want to learn how to flat iron black hair?

Get a smooth as silk hair straightening finish with these simple instructions.

What You Need

  1. Use snag free clips to pin your hair up and work from the back to the front.

  2. Use a tail comb to part a one by half inch thick part of hair from the back section of your head. Comb through any tangles.

  3. Give the section a very light mist of heat protectant and wait a few seconds for the extra moisture to evaporate.

  4. Put your flat iron (use a one to one and a half inch plate size) on a medium heat setting.

  5. Starting at the base of your hair, clamp the iron and move it in a smooth continuous motion down the length of your hair. Glide loosely but firmly so it doesn't snag your strands.

  6. Go over the section again using the same stroke (no more than 2 times) until it's completely smooth and has a silky look.

  7. Move on to the next section and repeat until your entire head is done.

Flat Ironing Tips For A Sleek Healthy Finish

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