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How To Fix Hair That Grows Unevenly

by Kai R.
(Grand Rapids, MI)

Q: All of a sudden my hair is growing faster on one side than on the other and it's totally lopsided.

I changed the direction of how I wrap it about two months ago. How do I get it grow at the same length on both sides again?

A: Hi there. This is a tough question for me because I've suffered with the same issue ever since I've known myself and I think that for me that's just how my hair grows.

If this is something you've been noticing recently then it might be different for you.

Two month isn't enough time to be able to make a judgment call on if the wrapping was the problem.

Also, if one side was already longer than the other when you changed the direction of the wrap the slow side will never catch up with the other side.

Something you could try along with doing the wrap in the other direction is massaging the "slow growing" side with some scalp stimulation oils (any light base oil you like with a few drops of tea tree essential oil in it).

Do you tend to sleep more on one side of your head? Some people believe that might stunt growth on a particular side, especially if you aren't covering your hair with a silk or satin scarf at night when you go to bed.

The cotton pillowcase can dry your hair out leading to breakage, making one side seem like it's not growing.

Keep trying different things until you find something that works. For the moment though, if you want both sides even the best way for that to happen in a trim.

Personally perfectly even hair isn't a big deal to me. As long as the hair is healthy and beautiful one side being slightly longer than the other "ain't no thang"!

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