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How To Fix Hair Damaged By Weaves

Q: I have been wearing weaves for over 10 years with a break for no more than a few weeks. Now my hair is super brittle, thin and my sides are almost nonexistent. As I get older I think of how nice it would be if I could wear my own hair, but the condition it is in today is no way near ready for a début.

I want to know what would be the quickest way to get my hair back up to standard. I want fuller, longer locks that are my own, please help me!

A: Hi there. I'm very sorry to hear about the condition your hair is in at the moment. Your problem is one facing so many black women these days and it totally breaks my heart.

"Weave Addiction" can be a revolving door with no end in sight. The first step to recovery is admitting your have a problem like you have. :)

Your biggest problem has to do with the fact that you haven't give your hair a chance to breathe.

Braids and weaves can actually HELP your hair to grow but only if they're used along with a regimen that includes proper and intensive conditioning treatments, occasional trimming and switching up styles every so often so no particular section of your hair gets "stressed out".

I'm going to ask you to check out this page...

How To Repair Damaged Hair

...and also join the forum so I can point you towards some very useful information you can use to turn your hair around.

You can get your hair back but it's going to take time and you're going to have to stay away from the weaves completely.

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